Attentat griechischer Salat

On Sundays me and my boyfriend are usually in a pretty lazy mood when it comes to cooking. So it became our new ritual to go out for dinner in the evenings. As both of us are huge suckers for all kinds of meat, we love to eat at greek and mexican restaurants. Luckily my roomate, who is also my food inspiration guru, told me about „Attentat griechischer Salat“. The tiny greek restaurant is located near Ostfriedhof in a little side street. By entering the place you immediately run into a big zebra statue which is placed right in the middle of the restaurant. Seems very strange at first but when you look closely it gives the place something very unique and exciting, if you know what I mean. Attentat griechischer Salat

So as I said before I really love greek food and therefore expected the menu to be full of gyros, souvlaki, octobus and the kind of stuff you usually get at a greek restaurant. But not at Attentat griechischer Salat. On their menu you can choose from 10 to 12 different dishes which are more like a „healthy“ but still a super delicious version of greek food. The funny named dishes for example „Bodenlose Unverschämtheit“ „Wunderhobel“ or „Die neue Brust“ are prepared super fresh and fill your stomach really nicely :). After studying the menu for a while I decided to go for the „Wunderhobel“ which comes with two enormous racks of ribs and a huge amount of mouthwatering potatoes. Especially the dark sauce with those tasty bacon bits and those crispy caramalized onion rings was so good, I didnt want it to end. My Boyfriend had the greek salad topped with sliced beef which also had a very funny name that unfortunately I cannot remember. The beef was very tender and the salad itself was presented more like a fresh garden with little pieces of tasty goat cheese to offer. Unfortunatly the portions were so big that i couldnt try any of their desserts, which is tooo bad since the liquid-centered chocolate cake sounded very inviting.

The restaurants atmoshphere itself was really nice and each table was decorated with a cute candle, which gave the whole restaurant a cosy vibe. I was very much impressed by that original concept and although one of my rules is to always try new things…I think I have to go back there a few more times and give the chocolate cake a try 🙂

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Attentat Griechischer Salat

Zugspitzstrasse 10

80541 München

Opening Times: Monday – Sunday 17:30 – 01:00

Atmosphere: IN IN IN IN

Service: IN IN IN IN


Location: IN IN IN

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